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Prefabricated buildings available in the market include mobile offices and modular buildings. Mobile offices are pre-made stock buildings mostly used by construction companies for temporary office space. Modular buildings are those custom-built according to users' specifications. The initial step for buying prefabricated buildings is to call the project manager or estimator. You have to suggest the size of the building and your specific requirements. The project manager will then visit the site location. Third-party inspectors will then inspect the completed building modules before they are shipped to the site location. When the shipping permit is issued, building modules will be delivered and assembled. For buying a prefabricated house, contact a good manufacturer who provides quality materials and service at a reasonable price. You should check the warranty details and installation support the manufacturer is committing. The building specifications should meet the building code of the local area. It is best to check out the builder's experience in constructing the type and size of building you want. Ask for digital photos and inquire about the last refurbishment, if you are buying already-made buildings. Commercial prefabricated steel buildings come in three categories. The first is steel framed, where the structure or frame is made of steel. Steel pole buildings are the next category where the posts of the buildings are made of steel. The roof and walls will be sheathed with metal. These buildings are often used in the agriculture sector. The last category is the steel arch buildings made with arched steel panes. Steel arch buildings are mostly used for industrial and agricultural purposes. A comprehensive set of steel building kits are available in the market at affordable rates.
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